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08/09/2020 News


September 9, 2020  Total Uganda Limited today celebrated a major milestone and cemented its commitment to extending access to its high-quality petroleum products to all Ugandans around Ndeeba by opening its 200th service station.

Retail Development Manager, Raymond Kyeyune opened the speeches emphasizing Total's Safety core value that is at the heart of all the company's operations, "coupled with soil treatment at all our Service Station sites, as our remediation initiatives, we have installed double-skinned tanks & leakage detection capabilities at all our stations nationwide to make the environment safe for all Ugandans", Raymond KYEYUNE said at the event.

Raymond also presented TOTAL Uganda Limited's history since it's inception in the year 1955 while highlighting a series of milestones achieved over the 65 years span. This year 2020 topped off the presentation with the 200th Station Milestone.

The Retail & Marketing Manager, Carol Katungi highlighted how TOTAL's strategic and customer-centric decision making has guided the company's evolution over the years. Customer expectations are changing, along with their relationship to energy. New trends require digitalization of the customer experience, greater emphasis on product utility, and increased energy efficiency. At Total, we have an unwavering commitment to listening to our customers, which enables us to evolve with them and anticipate their needs. To preserve this close relationship, we focus on innovation and on delivering high-quality products and services, she said at the event.

Carol Katungi concluded her speech expressing thanks to different stakeholders that have tirelessly worked towards this milestone from contractors, Total staff and management, Government partners, Dealers Police, UNBS, and above all the MD for his leadership. It has been a collaborative effort to reach where we are today but most of all we couldn't have done it without our esteemed customers. As a market leader in Uganda, this is a statement that our commitment to this market is for the long term as a development partner in Uganda.


TOTAL Uganda Limited Managing Director emphasized the fact that this 200th Station milestone is more than just 200 fuel stations, a lot effort, time, and finances have been invested to make sure the service stations meet the international standards TOTAL is held up to; from the external station rebranding outlook to remediation efforts have happened beyond the surface. The MD also highlighted the fact that we are the only energy major that is distributing the 3KG Gas Cylinder to cater to the low-income earning households in an effort to combat Deforestation in Uganda, our TOTAL Gas energy solution is a safer, more efficient, and environmental friendlier energy choice.

This milestone has been motivated by two of our five customer promises which are PROXIMITY & CONVENIENCE, "TOTAL Stations are in every district in Uganda, in fact, If you don't have a TOTAL Station in your District give me a call and we shall put up one within 3 months" – Obi IMEMBA (MD, TOTAL Uganda Limited)

"TOTAL's Journey from 1955 to 2020 is something worth celebrating" - Stephen Kaboyo (TUL Advisory Board Member) said, and 200 stations in Uganda is a milestone attained through government support. So, appreciation must also be given to the Ministry of Energy & Mineral Development for all their efforts geared towards ensuring the success of different players in the industry.


The guest of honor started his speech expressing his gratitude to have witnessed this milestone as TOTAL celebrates 200 stations in Uganda, "this comes just in time for the gradual increase in demand for fuel which was significantly affected by the COVID-19 pandemic and fell from 180 million liters per month to half that figure." – Ministry of Energy & Mineral Development Permanent Secretary, Mr. Kasande Robert said at the event and encouraged TOTAL to even strive and work towards even high goals and targets, he sighted the 400th Station Target as the next milestone to attain.

"TOTAL's high-quality standards are evident in their products and services offered to the market, I personally take your product wherever I am" – none of the TOTAL Stations have ever failed the UNBS standards required on the market.


Total Uganda Ltd. continues to build strategic partnerships with other service providers in the market to propose premium services and solutions offered to our customers, from our very own Bonjour Shops, Total Fleet Card and Total B2C Prepaid Card other services like quick-service restaurants, ATMs, dry cleaners, pharmacies and a large variety of payment services are available at our service stations, services such as PayWay machine points, MoMo pay services, and UBA cards.

To protect all its stakeholders and contribute to the collective response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Total Uganda Ltd. has put in place all the required preventive measures in all its service stations.

Total Uganda Ltd. strives towards offering alternative energy solutions with low emissions and environmentally friendly energy options like "Sunshine Solar" range and TOTAL EXCELLIUM premium fuels that increase the efficiency of automotive engines. This is also in line with the Group's ambition to get to net-zero emissions by 2050 together with society for its global business across its production and energy products used by its customers.